TLNT. is your connection between opportunity and success. Whether searching for a job or filling a vacancy, we have made it our responsibility to revolutionise the recruitment process. Be quick, be swift and be ready for business. Choose TLNT for recruitment.

Team TLNT.

At TLNT., our people are our culture. We want every one of our team members to be successful and we know that this can only be achieved through support, ongoing training and, to be quite frank, an awesome work environment! We drive engagement, impact professional growth and improve performance.


TLNT. provides the necessary knowledge and skills in order you to be the best version of your (working) self! This promotes our positive working culture.

Foremost, TLNT. offers internal training for new hires and those that need it. This includes providing information regarding industry insights, exposure to sales skills, holding client meetings and learning how to properly conduct client visits, completing reference checks, running internal interview, interviewing candidates in the conference room and what to do and not to do in casual surroundings.

At TLNT. we have your back and we are here to support you. When you start your journey with the best recruitment agency in the world (that’s us!), we provide you with a checklist, a symbol of how easily you can make.


At TLNT., we respond to innovation and upcoming trends, aiding our employees with change and new ways of working. We are not interested in training robots; we want our team to be problem solvers and incite thinking far beyond the four-walls of our offices.

To help support this, TLNT. offer our staff necessary webinars and online courses to keep you updated in relevant skills. Developing our team is integral to achieving goals, influencing lives and unlocking potential.

We help launch your career in the recruitment industry. Let’s accelerate the recruitment industry together.

Never bored!

Yes, we said. You will NEVER be bored at TLNT. Our dynamic working culture is intentional because we kill boredom before it kills productivity.

The recruitment industry requires a personnel that is inclined to collaborate and improve people, and our offices make sure this happens. With free food and a list of benefits, working at TLNT. is nothing less than awesome.

A healthy workplace environment is a happy one. Our value as a team and retains a company culture that is no doubt incomparable.

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